CPA Revision Kits

CPA Revision kits Section 1-6

These Revision kits/Partners are KASNEB Past examination questions with their suggested answers/Solutions which have been developed by experts who are KASNEB examiners and experienced tutors for many years.

The questions in these CPA Revision kits have been re-arranged topically for easier revision and only includes those questions that are relevant to the current syllabus. As a students progress with their course work they can start revising on topics which they have already covered and by the time they are through with their syllabus they will be well prepared to tackle any question from previous exams.


SECTION 1 Revision Kits

SECTION 2 Revision Kits


SECTION 3 Revision Kits

SECTION 4 Revision Kits



SECTION 5 Revision Kits

SECTION 6 Revision Kits

KASNEB CPA Revision kits Revised and updated with recent Past examination Papers. Section 1,2,3,4,5,6. Financial accounting, commercial law, entrepreneurship
Certified Public Accountants are skilled and competent professional accountants, auditors, finance managers, tax consultants and practitioners both in public and private sectors.

CPA Revised notes at Someakenya

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35 Replies to “CPA Revision Kits”

    1. you will be required to repeat the whole CPA Section 3 units. this is because the credits you had were withdrawn after 5 sittings

  1. I am currently residing in kisumu and I would like to purchase revision partners booklet from your stores once I pay for it for how long will you take to deliver it? ….Where will I collect it since you have no office in kisumu?

    1. Strategy governance and ethics notes and a recent revision questions and answers are available. text/whatsapp/call 0707737890

    1. we have Section 2, Public finance and taxation notes are available. They have a number of examples in every subtopic and a revision exercise with answers at the end of every topic

    1. CPA section 3 Revision kits are in hardcopies and in softcopies and cover a different range of years. call/text or WhatsApp 0707737890 for more details on how they can each to you.

        1. CPA softcopy Revision kits are also available in a different set. contact 0707737890 for KASNEB CPA notes and Revision kits

  2. May you send for me the below subjects as per my course in CPA. they are as follows: Sec 3 Company Law , Financial Management & Financial Reporting . Sec 4 Auditing & Assurance, Management Information System & Quantitative Technique. I need question & answers
    your hard-works will be appreciated.

    1. Hi Paul, Get in touch with us through whatsapp/text/call 0707737890 to give us your location as you get to know the current cost of the CPA notes and revision on the above subjects requested

  3. can i get CPA section 1- 6. pastpapers for May 2018 and November 2017 with their answers to my email. will really appreaciate

    1. hi, our revision kits as per June 2018 covers upto November 2017 exams, may 2018 exams answers will be available before November exams

      1. Good Morning,
        Kindly can I have the the revision Kits with Answers as at June 2018 for Advanced Financial Reporting, Advanced Financial Management and Advanced Management Accounting. Please let me know as soon as possible with its cost. Thank you

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